Hipp! – ein schwedisches Label, nicht (nur) für Hipster und zum Freudensprünge machen: Hipp Hipp Hurray!!!!

Wer ist so hip und kennt schon Hipp! ??? Nein, ich meine nicht die Babynahrung, ich habe mich auch nicht vertippt und halte mich erst recht nicht für außergewöhlich hip. Aber ich habe ein schwedisches Label entdeckt, das sich Hipp! nennt, aber nicht (nur) für Hipster ist und bei dem man leicht Freudensprünge à la Hipp Hipp Hurray machen kann. Also habe ich es mit ein paar Fragen gelöchert.

Steigen Se ein – die hippe Tour kann beginnen!


I like extraordinary names of labels. How did you find the name of yours – Hipp! ?

Hipp!: Hipp! is actually one part of the birthday phrase Hipp hipp hurray! As one of our first products was an elephant birthday card it just came about. So we just kept the brand name Hipp!



Is Hipp! only for Hipsters?

Hipp!: Hipp! is definitely not just for hipsters. Almost the opposite. Ha! No, but we do not target a specific group of clients. We try to do what we like and we welcome variety. I think it shows in our products. Its a bit goofy, colourful and personal.


nit_production mix_rivet

You provide everything, from earrings over cushions until trays. How do you find your ideas for new products and how do you realise them?

Hipp!: We tend to do things that we’d like to have and use ourselves. It’s in the core and heart of everything we produce. So when thinking and developing new products we have that in mind. But we don’t really have any boundaries when it comes to what types of products we would do. As long as they fit in with the Hipp! concept as far as design and style goes.


Everything of your label is really colourful. The nordic design is more known for its clean and white shades. Do you see Hipp! as the icing on the cake?

Hipp!: So, yes. We differ a bit from classic nordic design. We do like that style too, but we like to add some colour and a humorous touch to the very toned down and strict Scandinavian style. The mix of the two makes it a warmer and a bit more relaxed style.


Bicycle Pack black 2 copy DSC00214_poly_er_multi-2

Do you have a favourite product in your label?

Hipp!: In the jewellery department I really like our Bike Collection. Stockholm is a really bike friendly city so it fits with our style. =)
The light coloured Polygon Collection is also one of my favourites. I like to mix the different shapes and colours as well, so often wearing two at the same time. Then the clean and cool brass and aluminium pieces goes with everything.
Otherwise I like our geometric style that we do in both trays, coasters and print. Just classic but cool.



Who is the majority of your clients, where do they come from?

Hipp!: So, as mentioned, we bring a lot of colour to our design and therefor a lot of our customers are from southern Europe. We sell a to Australia and the United states as well as United Kingdom. But the Swedes are getting more colourful so we have seen a change in that area too.


1 cactus

What is t h e trend of 2015 so far? Is it a colour, a special product or shape?

Hipp!: The interior design scene is still very much “nordic light” with a majority of grey shades pared with black and white of course, but in 2015 we’re starting to adapt a broader scale of colour. Influenses is taken from Mexico and the Middle East, both in texture and prints. They have a very typical cultural vibe which blends well with our toned down base. The mix of materials, the hard and soft, matte and shiny is also still a big trend.


If Hipp! had a soundtrack, which song or band would it be?

Hipp!: Some up beat, happy and jazzy tune! A bit old school but with a modern twist!



Zur ganzen Hipp! – Story gehts hier….


Fotocredit: Hipp!


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